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The modern tourist experience

The digital age has brought a number of benefits to tourists and the tourism industry as a whole. With StoryHunt you can offer your guests a more personal and tailored experience while learning more about their needs and behavior.


Give your visitors a better experience
– and get more of them


Distribute guests more effectively


Measure how guests move around
your destination

Give your visitors a better experience – and get more of them

StoryHunt is an app loved by the modern traveler. In 2023 we had more than 40.000 people using StoryHunt in Copenhagen alone - and Copenhagen is still a growing tourism destination. By providing your visitors with a modern experience tailored to their needs you increase the chance of referrals and return visits.

How does it work for the visitor?

  • Unlock stories when you are close

  • Listen to the story about where you are right now

  • Compete with your friends via in-built quizzes

StoryHunt app showing the digital self-guided experience
Unlock stories when you are close
StoryHunt app showing an open story
Listen to the story about where you are right now
StoryHunt app showing the built-in quiz
Compete with your friends via in-built quizzes
“We wanted a solution where we could help our visitors show themselves around in our destination and pick the experiences that were relevant to them – whether they are a family traveling with kids, a young couple, a cruise guest or a conference attendee. StoryHunt has proven to be a unique tool to do so.”

- Kaare Fuglsang Bach Toft, marketing responsible in Destination Nord, Denmark

Distribute guests more effectively

We provide a system for self-guided audio tours that you can use to nudge visitors to certain areas of your destination. This way you can give them the right experience, avoid congestion and distribute travel spendings more effectively.  

Since 2018 we have helped Copenhagen Municipality distribute visitors more effectively. In Copenhagen the tours are strategically located in specific neighborhoods to help fight overtourism. Additionally, the tours encourage travelers to visit more neighborhoods which is correlated with a higher degree of visitor satisfaction (Wonderful Copenhagen, 2022).

“We use StoryHunt for our digital guests solutions because we are guaranteed good service and common idea generation which creates the basis for solutions with a high degree of operational reliability and matches the needs of our guests.”

– Michael Ryan Andersen, Head of Internationalization, Copenhagen Municipality

Measure how guests move around your destination

StoryHunt collects anonymous user statistics that can show you how travelers move around and engage with the city. This can be used to learn more about travel behaviors and preferences so you can improve their experience.

How are tours created?
Tours can be created via StoryHunt Creator which is both fun and easy to use. We have created an entire database of articles and best-practices to help you get the most out of our service. We can also help you create content for the platform. We work with the best content providers for our format. 



All formats

Create content through a combination of different media. Text, video, images or sound? You decide! 

Live statistics (premium)

Explore live statistics in StoryHunt Creator and understand your audience's behavior. Observe which products are popular and recognize what your audience wants.

Payment system (premium)

Make use of our integrated payment system to earn money from your tours. In StoryHunt Studio you can access statistics and detailed information on transactions.


Add a quiz to your tours and provide your audience with a layer of gamification. Utilize the integrated reward system to boost motivation.

Works on all smartphones

Your audience can access all tours on their smartphone in the StoryHunt app or through the browser. Our platform supports iOS and Android.

Live directions

Give your audience live directions to your tours and between stories. We support walking, biking, driving and public transportation (in Denmark).

Hvem er StoryHunt

At StoryHunt we have decided to revolutionize digital guest service. We know that the modern traveler wants a personalized experience on their own time and at their own pace. 

Therefore we have developed a unique concept that is used by thousands of travelers in the Nordics. We work closely with DMO’s in the Nordics, including Wonderful Copenhagen, Visit Odense, Destination Jönköping, and many more. Our mission is to help you become more data-driven and make sure that your visitors explore more of your destination.