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The free digital walking tours will help you understand the soul of the city by uncovering the unique characteristics of the city’s diverse neighbourhoods – one story at a time – from the city centre to the local bridge districts.

All you need is a smartphone and a hearty appetite for adventure. Have fun!

Christmas is around the corner!

On this seasonal walk, we have covered some of the most beautiful illuminated streets and Christmas markets in the heart of Copenhagen. Take the tour at your own pace whenever you want to. 

Self-guided audio tours

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Copenhagen Local Walks is a collaboration between Copenhagen Visitor Service (the City of Copenhagen) and StoryHunt with great contributions from locals, small vendors, and cultural institutions. The walks are available on this platform free of charge.

The goal of Copenhagen Local Walks is to make lesser-known parts of our wonderful capital accessible - especially to visitors - by guiding them to unique places such as Superkilen, Assistens Cemetery, The Meat Packing District and Copenhagen waterfront – the city’s blue oasis, along with sharing unforgettable stories about the history and soul of each of the city’s distinct neighbourhoods.

What is StoryHunt?

The vision behind StoryHunt is to create a platform for active entertainment that will bring us closer together and broaden our perspective. StoryHunt is about going out into the world and becoming an active part of the entertainment. Our concept is simple; you need to be close to unlock the stories that are hidden all around you.

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