Rosenborg Castle Copenhagen

A Royal Retreat: Treasures of Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen

Whether you're asking yourself 'What to do in Copenhagen' or you're fascinated with history and intrigued by stories from the past, this post will guide you to one of Copenhagen's top sights and must-see attractions: the majestic Rosenborg Castle.

What is the story behind Rosenborg Castle?

Perched in the heart of the Danish capital, amidst the colourful buildings of Copenhagen, stands the enchanting edifice of Rosenborg Castle. This regal piece of Renaissance architecture was built in 1606 as a country summerhouse. It was a product of the vision of one of the most famous Scandinavian kings, Christian IV. The castle became a museum in the 1830s, housing the treasures of the Danish royals.

Who lived at Rosenberg Castle?

While Rosenborg Castle primarily served as the Danish king's retreat, it was more than just a holiday home. Christian IV lived here and developed it from a simple castle into an elaborately decorated royal residence. The castle was further used by Danish regents until the 18th century. 

What is a famous fact about Rosenborg Castle?

One of the most fascinating facts about Rosenborg Castle is that it houses the Danish Crown Jewels, a collection of insignias used by Danish monarchs. It's also known for its Knight's Hall, displaying the coronation thrones guarded by three life-size silver lions. What's more, it also boasts the world's first 'surround-sound' speaker system. 

Where are the crown jewels kept in Denmark?

The crown jewels, an ensemble of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and pearls, are kept in the treasury beneath Rosenborg Castle. The four sets of these 'jewel-encrusted wonders' - as I love to call them, symbolising the monarchy’s divine power, find their rightful place beneath this edifice of grandiosity.

Is it worth going to Rosenborg Castle?

Absolutely! Not only is the Rosenborg Castle visually stunning, but its interior is a treasure trove. From well-preserved furniture to art, to the historical significance, and of course, the priceless crown jewels hidden beneath it, Rosenborg Castle is a singular experience for any history buff, royal enthusiast, or curious explorer!

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