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For tour guides that want to reach a larger audience

Some like to go in groups and ask in-depth questions to the tour guide.
Others prefer a more intimate experience with family, friends, partners or alone.
Now you can offer both by having a digital version of your tours at StoryHunt.


Get a digital product
that you can be proud of


Sell your tours - also when
you aren't working


Do what you do best
- we will take care of the administration

Reach a new audience

With StoryHunt you can tell your stories to even more guests.

Young person StoryHunting
The young people who want to go on a trip when it suits them
Young couple storyhunting
The couple that wants to walk together without anyone else
Tourist storyhunting
The tourists that doesn't understand the language of your physical tours
Student storyhunting
The student that cannot afford a tour with a 'live' tour guide
“There are guests who want flexibility and want to decide for themselves when to go on my city walk. If the planned tours do not fit into their schedule, they choose my tour from StoryHunt's audio guide, and then they go on the tour when it suits them.”

Get a digital product that you can be proud of

With the help of StoryHunt, you can create a digital version of your city walk. Your city tour can be purchased by tourists and locals through the StoryHunt app.

We help you from start to finish, so you get a professional result that you can be proud of. You can combine your tours with visits to coffee shops, restaurants, exhibitions and museums.

  • Use our ready-made template to create a digital version of your tours

  • Get sparring and help from StoryHunt all the way

  • Increase the value of your tours by adding physical products

  • Translate your tours into several languages and reach completely new target target groups

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New languages are only one click away

You probably offer your tours in Danish. Maybe English. But what does the Italian couple on a weekend trip do? StoryHunt uses the latest technology to translate and read your tours in multiple languages. If you want to record your tour yourself, we have a sound studio in Copenhagen K that you can use free of charge.

"I don't have to invent everything from scratch: StoryHunt has a template where I upload my route, my pictures and texts. Then you are quickly up and running.”

Sell your tours - also when you aren't working

When you have a digital version of your trip, you don't have to deal with too many and too few registrants.

You get more visibility via StoryHunt's platform, which can help sell both your normal and digital tours.

  • Showcase your tours through StoryHunt's platform, which has thousands of visitors

  • If you don't have a website, you can get your own page at storyhunt.io, where you can introduce yourself and your tours

  • Get your trips directly in our app, which is promoted by, among others, Wonderful Copenhagen and Copenhagen Municipality

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Do you need help with marketing?

We have many years of experience in selling digital tours. As a partner with StoryHunt, you have the opportunity to purchase additional help with video production, audio production and marketing material such as flyers, posts for social media and more.

"At StoryHunt.io, I have a digital alternative for the guests if I have to cancel a trip. I think that is a good service.”

Do what you do best - we will take care of the administration

For your digital tours, you don't have to deal with cancellations, answer e-mails, support your guests and bother with payment transactions. You can instead spend your time on what you do best; telling good stories.

If you have partnerships with restaurants, cafes and the like, we will take care of integrating vouchers and payments into the digital solution so that your guests have a smooth experience.

We take care of:

  • Payment management

  • Support for guests

  • Automatic payment to partners

  • Monthly report for your financial system

A digital copy of your tours

StoryHunt can be used for more than digital tours. You can easily use our system to keep a digital copy of your normal tours so that you can more easily train other guides.

"I have made an agreement with a small café that's located on a nice spot on the route. The guests get something to drink and rest their legs, and the payments are made automatically through the app.”


All formats

Create content through a combination of different media. Text, video, images or sound? You decide! 

Live statistics (premium)

Explore live statistics in StoryHunt Creator and understand your audience's behavior. Observe which products are popular and recognize what your audience wants.

Payment system (premium)

Make use of our integrated payment system to earn money from your tours. In StoryHunt Studio you can access statistics and detailed information on transactions.


Add a quiz to your tours and provide your audience with a layer of gamification. Utilize the integrated reward system to boost motivation.

Works on all smartphones

Your audience can access all tours on their smartphone in the StoryHunt app or through the browser. Our platform supports iOS and Android.

Live directions

Give your audience live directions to your tours and between stories. We support walking, biking, driving and public transportation (in Denmark).

Who is StoryHunt

We believe in finding and communicating good stories through new technology. We believe our format can inspire people to learn more about our shared history while having fun. Unlike many other tech companies, we encourage active entertainment that takes place outside and in close interaction with people that you can see and touch.

StoryHunt is based in Copenhagen and consists of a team of eight who have skills in product development, communication and marketing.

“I believe that stories are best told where they took place. That is why I have set out to create a platform where stories are brought to life in interaction with their surroundings.”

– Mathias Mølgaard, CEO