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   Copenhagen  The capitol of Denmark has a wide array of places and stories to explore.    Odense  A unique blend of fairy tales, old-world charm and modern convenience    Aalborg  Immerse yourself in Aalborg's history, culture, or culinary scene.    Aarhus  A rich history, cultural attractions, and innovative architecture.

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“You start to wonder - is that really what happened? When you hear: This is where it it all took place, and you are standing at that exact spot - that is awesome. It makes me want to tell my children the next time we go for a walk here."
Maria - 44 y/o
“It was great to try GhostWalk, because I learned new and interesting things about the streets and the city that I've lived in for the past 11 years. It brought the city into a new light and reminded me of how much history it has.“
Kasper - 32 y/o
“My husband told me about this freaking genius app. A really adventurous concept where you really get under the skin of the city. Huge recommendation from me. We tried Nørrebro a couple of days ago and loved every bit of it.“
Minar, 22 y/o

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