Forskellige medietyper

Media Types

You can use sound, video, images, and text when creating a tour on StoryHunt. In this article, you can learn more about the different media types.

Sound for storytelling

Lyd til historiefortælling

Sound is a great media for storytelling and users love it. If you have the resources, we recommend using sound as the primary media for your stories. If you need help with this, schedule a meeting with me


Video for attention

Video til opmærksomhed

Video works really well when explaining what your tour is about. It can be summarized in a short trailer of 30-60 seconds, giving the user an idea of what kind of experience they will be embarking on. Video is also great for social media and can be an invaluable tool for marketing. Learn more about marketing

See an example of a trailer from the Ghostwalk tour here: 


HubSpot Video


If you need help creating a trailer for your experience, you can book a meeting with me. We have many years of experience creating videos that capture people's attention and prepare them well.



Images for wayfinding


Images are good for showing the user how to find your story. Creator automatically generates an image for your story, but it is not always accurate. If the images are not accurate, we recommend that you take new images yourself.

Images can also be used to support the storytelling. For example, you might want to show a map from a particular time period, a picture of your main character, or a special object.

Through Creator, you can make images pop up for the user at a specific time in the audio. Learn more about using images with audio


Quiz for interaction

Quiz time

Quizzes encourage interaction and are loved by users. A quiz consists of one question and two to five answer options. Learn more about quizzes


Remember copyrights

Remember to credit others if you use media that requires it. Learn more about copyright here